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I want to thank you for helping me in this past swimming season... I appreciate everything you helped me with.  I probably would not be at the level of training or had the energy to do it if is wasn't for your advice and nutrition information.Thank you so much! 

Sam Iida, High School State Swimming Champion, US Olympic Trials Qualifier

We have made major improvements in our nutrition education and implementation under your leadership…THANK YOU!  


Pat Fitzgerald, Head Football Coach Northwestern University

I always know that my athletes/patients will be in good hands when I send them to Deb.  She has a wonderful personality and truly understands the needs of the athlete.  Deb knows how to make sense of the many mixed nutrition messages that are out there so an athlete can feel confident that they are maximizing their own nutrition to perform well in whatever activity they choose.

Dr. Carrie Jaworski, Director of Sports Medicine Northshore University HealthSystem

I struggled to put on weight earlier in my career. After altering my food intake after working with you I slowly gained weight until I was at my goal and became a healthier individual with more energy. My favorite thing about working with Deb was her enthusiasm that she brought to every meeting.  It was clear that she had an authentic passion to help each student-athlete maximize his or her potential through proper nutrition.  All meetings about my progress, weight gains and food intake were comfortable and informative.  I learned tips not only about what to eat but also when to eat.  The correlation between my work with Deb and my on-field progress is undeniable. I would absolutely recommend Deb as a nutritionist.  In today's world, the gap between athletes at the highest level is razor thin.  Every serious competitor is looking for one platform to give them an edge.  Personally, my eating habits became a strength rather than a liability.  The top athletes all train, practice and operate the same.  However, the athletes who take their nutrition seriously outperform the others.  Don't let your competition beat you because of something you can control.  

Jeff Budzien, Football Northwestern University

Deb spoke to our fall marathon and 1/2 marathon running team.  We wanted Deb to give our athletes some background of the importance of an overall nutrition plan and also fueling on/during and after the run.  Deb has exceeded our expectations and our athletes learned a lot (and also reinforced a lot of the strategies we practice).  Deb was very straightforward and prepared during her presentation, she had material for our athletes and was willing to do question/answer and be sure our athletes were getting the info they were most interested in.   Her information was easy for our athletes to understand, Deb also was great at reinforcing some of the whys of nutrition.  I would highly recommend Deb to really anyone-  but she has a specific connection with athletes.  One of the reasons we have invited Deb back several times to speak with our athletes, is, she understands every athlete is different and has different needs.  She was able to give numerous options/suggestions to different athletes questions.  The proper nutrition can change an athletes performance- good or bad.   We knew by inviting Deb to speak to our athletes early in the season, it would help them achieve their goals by implementing what Deb had to say.  I love that Deb is an athlete herself, she first hand understands and also implements everything she preaches.  Reach Your Peak will continue to hire Deb to educate our runners on the importance of nutrition!

Jo Ann Clemen, Owner Reach Your Peak Training

I was interested in losing weight and changing my eating habits to help me on and off the court.  In working with Deb I learned a lot about planning my meals, what to eat and what not to eat, and what foods will help my weight loss but at the same time be healthy and nutritious. I really liked Deb's enthusiasm and she seemed to really care about my well-being.  Also, she was very easy to talk to, that was a plus.  I definitely would recommend other athletes to work with Deb!

Yewande Akanbi Volleyball Player Northwestern University

I felt that Deb had a great command presence in front of a large group.  She had a great use of props, excellent stage command, interacted well with adults, younger kids, and high schoolers. Deb is well qualified and has a lot of appropriate and specific experience for athletes.  I would absolutely recommend her to any large group that has a nutrition interest or need.  She was awesome, valuable, and definitely a great resource with a clear concise message for young swimmers and adults.  Great job! Thank you!

Jeff Napolski Head Developmental Coach COHO Swim Club

I learned about eating for ideal recovery after long runs and how to maximize recovery with nutrition so I was ready for the next run rather than feeling depleted. I also was more conscientious with fueling for any run over 1 hour. You reiterated the importance of practicing fueling during these longer runs in preparation for race day... I went into race day feeling prepared and confident with my plan, and it worked well... You are very knowledgeable, approachable, and offer reasonable personalized plans... You are responsive to questions and willing to help problem solve. You have wide experience and knowledge, plus you are a great problem solver and have a wealth of resources. You've worked with a diverse group of athletes.
You've been a big help! Nutrition can be an overlooked aspect of endurance training but it's so vital... You are an excellent resource!  Thanks for all of your input!

Betsy Noxon, Marathoner, Owner Reach Your Peak Training

Deb gives practical advice that can be easily incorporated into your daily life. She takes the time to analyze not only your diet, but also your lifestyle, and tailor a plan that meets your needs. The fact that Deb is an athlete herself gives her perspective on helping you set and meet realistic nutritional goals. Additionally, Deb has an easy-going personality with the unique ability to put you at ease immediately and to create an environment that fosters open communication. I highly recommend Deb Ognar!


Cathy Freidinger, Marathoner

My favorite part about working with you was your willingness to teach and explain proper eating habits. I enjoyed learning about proper eating, as opposed to you just telling me how to eat. I also really appreciated your willingness to lay out a very detailed plan for me. 

Dave Sobolewski, Basketball Northwestern University

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