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If you want to be the best athlete you can be, your nutrition

can make the difference in training and performance.


...gain a competitive edge?

...make weight for your sport?

...learn how to fuel during an endurance race?

...have optimal recovery between workouts?

...know how to fuel for your sport?

...improve bone health or iron status?

Deb Ognar Sports Nutrition can help you! I specialize in sports nutrition and wellness and can help you with realistic, actionable steps to optimize your health and performance. 


I offer individual sports nutrition consultations, group and team presentations, and corporate wellness seminars. 

Individual Consultations (Sports Nutrition)




  • Nutrition assessment: review of current nutrition, exercise, medical and diet history

  • Nutrition plan- meal pattern/timing, macronutrient composition, hydration

  • Sports specific recommendations- nutrient timing, recovery fueling, hydration, competition nutrition

  • Medical nutrition therapy specified for diagnosis (if applicable)- high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, compromised bone health, abnormal iron health, gastrointestinal problems

  • Educational material

3 package session

1 hour initial consultation
2 - 30 minute follow up sessions
1 hour initial consultation
4 - 30 minute follow up sessions

5 package session

1 follow up
2 follow ups
6 follow ups

30 minutes*

* Available after initial package purchase.

Consultations can be conducted in person or over the phone.  All in person consultations are done in Glenview.

Team & Group Presentations
(Youth/Parent, Coaching Clinics)


I provide a customized, interactive presentation based on your team goals and objectives.  I come onsite to meet with your team or group. 


Topics Include:


  • Performance nutrition/ fueling for sport

  • Nutrient Timing

  • Travel nutrition

  • Hydration

  • Weight Management

  • Supplements

  • Special topics include:  Boosting Iron, Improving Bone Health

Corporate Wellness Seminars


I offer interactive presentations to educate your staff and help them perform their best. A sample listing of topics is listed below.  Please contact me if you are looking for a custom presentation or need pricing information. 


Topics Include:


  • Nutrition Basics

  • Wellness Strategies for Busy Professionals

  • Eating For Energy

  • Nutrition for Weight Management

  • Healthy Eating on the Go

  • Nutrition for Sports Performance



Payment is due at time of service in cash or check.  I do not accept insurance.


To schedule an appointment call 847.826.0647.

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